English Mistakes #1: “Like”

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Hello! It’s Ben from Let’s Chat Cafe! This is the first post in a series “English Mistakes Japanese Make.” I hope you enjoy!

Mistake #1: Like

Many people answer these questions incorrectly. What is the difference?

  1. “What does he like?”
  2. “What is he like? ” OR “What’s he like?”

Let’s answer the questions.

  1. What does he like? He likes drinking coffee and speaking English!
  2. What is he like? He is tall, handsome, and charming!

More examples:

Shimizu-san: Did you like the beaches in Guam?

Ben: Yes, I liked the beaches in Guam very much!

Shimizu-san: What were they like?

Ben: They were very clean and white!



  • General rule: Use the verb from the question in your answer. Example: (Do you drink coffee? Yes, I drink coffee. When do you drink coffee? I drink coffee every morning.)
  • “Like” can be used as a preposition (前置詞), conjunction (共同), adjective (形容詞), adverb (副詞), noun (名詞), and verb (動詞). Confusing!
    • In #1, “like” is a verb (動詞) in the question, so it becomes the verb in the answer.
    • In #2, it is a preposition (前置詞). The verb of the question is “is,” so “is” is used in the answer!




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